Contest rules


AREA 1 :


1°) A.Kurakina – L.Lottici- V.Iannotta a pari merito + menzione speciale e premiati A.Cortese – K.Milakovic


1°) T.Pensa 2°) M. Fahimi 3°) I.Simone 3°) J.Serreli


1°) S. Lovari 2°) G.Colangelo 3°) A. Morino 4°) M.R. Bertuccelli 5°) D. Di Pasquale



1°) M.Gabbana


1°) Aidan 2°) S. Ekelund 2°) P.Torella 3° ) S. Poncia


1°) M.T.Caminiti 2°) G.Viganò 3°) l. Isaia 4°) D.Salis 5°) M. Mercaldo



1°) G.Spernazza


3°) F. Di Carlo


1°) B.Borella 2°) Santaseveso



1° ) D.Cecchini - A. Borrelli


D. Bellofiore


M. Barbarossa

Attestati di partecipazione a tutti gli artisti in concorso


La presentazione ufficiale della 2°edizione del PREMIO INTERNAZIONALE ADRENALINA e il relativo special party dal tema "IL MIO PARADISO" si è svolto il 2 agosto 2014 presso l'esclusivo EL HOTEL PACHA di IBIZA . Vai alle foto >>


1.1 The “Adrenaline Awards” is promoted by the FEF society sas with the collaboration of international organisations and associations working in the sector.

1.2 The Adrenaline Awards is a biennial competition aimed at promoting contemporary art and artists, and at enhancing the relationship between art, society, solidarity, tourism and business. The competition is divided into 4 CREATIVE AREAS and 3 categories for each area.

1.3 The ADRENALINE Awards involves the realisation of one or more exhibits travelling to prestigious venues (in previous years the ADRENALINE Awards project has exhibited the works of the winners and beneficiaries at the former Jewish Market Street in San Teodoro, Rome, Italy, in the Capitoline Museum “CENTRAL MONTEMARTINI” in Rome, and at the MACRO, the Pelanda, Rome, Italy) and in its catalogue (now in its 4th edition).

1.4 The winning Works of the Adrenaline Awards will be presented during the final event (“Event Awards”) and will be exposed during the course of one or more exhibitions on dates and places to be communicated 30 days prior to the participants and the international media.
1.5 Applications for the awards open on February 8, 2014, and close 20 days before the completion of the first step (as announced on the official website)


The theme of the Awards on which artists are asked to express their creativity is entitled “MY PARADISE” – The dream vision of a person’s emotional state or the surreal representation of an esoteric environment.


3.1 Artists of every nationality and residency can participate in the Awards as long as they are eighteen years of age when the registration opens and are in compliance with the registration procedures set out in section 8 of this Regulation.


4.1 Bodies involved in the conduct of this competition are the Jury (composed of prestigious and representative members) and the Curator’s Committee.
4.2 The Jury will be part of the rights chosen by the members of the Curatorial Committee chosen by FEF sas.
4.3 The decision of the Jury shall be final and not subject to any appeal.
4.4 The Curator’s Committee of the Awards expects the figures of CURATOR / ARTISTIC DIRECTOR and ORGANISATIONAL DIRECTOR to be covered by F.Colloca and F.Bonesi -creators and owners of the ADRENALINE project.


5.1 The Awards are divided into 4 creative areas:
Classical Painting, Sculpture (area 1);
Photography, Video Art, Electronic Music, Digital Painting, Graphic Arts (Area 2);
Body Art, Creative Performance, Installations (area 3);
Poetry and Literary Arts (area 4).
For each enrollment in the competition, entrants will be required to specify the individual Creative Area for which they intend to participate.
Entrants can also participate in more than one creative area and with more Works by paying the entry fee for each category of choice and work uploaded.
5.2 Participants in each creative area will then be divided into 3 categories – ” GOLD “, ” SILVER ” and ” NEW PROPOSALS .”
The GOLD category is reserved for artists with experience and activities already accredited in Italy or abroad. The artists will be invited to participate based on the quality of their curriculum – which will contain museum pieces from major public or private galleries, reviews from art critics recognized for the works of contemporary art, books published with publishing groups in the national or international works of poetry and literary arts, publications of CDs or music videos with national or international record labels for the works of electronic music. The Curator’s Committee will also consider requests to participate in this catergory from external recommendations.
The SILVER category is free to enrol, and only requires the achievements set forth in paragraph 8, and is open to all artists who have had at least one personal or collective exposure as stated in their curriculum.
The NEW PROPOSALS category is also free to enroll, and only requires the achievements set forth in paragraph 8, and is aimed at all those who have not yet had significant experiences in the artistic field.


6.1 The relevance to the theme of the Awards – quality, research and innovation are the key criteria for the selection of Works in the competition. The artist will present new works created or works already created.
6.2 The size of the Artworks may vary within the maximum allowable size of 3x3x3 meters for works of visual art, music files in mp3, literary text in Word
6.3 Every artist must indicate the title of the work and a brief statement explaining the link between the proposed project and the theme of the Prize.


7.1 The jury will select the winners for each category and creative area, for a total of 36 awards divided as follows:
• GOLD – Special Adrenaline trophy for every creative area giving a total of 4 awards.
• SILVER – 1 prize to the first acquired in every creative area, 4 total prizes and 2 Adrenaline trophies for every creative area, totalling 8 awards.
• NEW PROPOSALS – 5 Adrenaline trophies for each creative area, for a total of 20 awards.
All Artworks included in the Awards in each category and creative area automatically participate in the ONLINE Prize in which 1 trophy will be awarded to the Work that receives the most votes on the website within the deadlines specified on the website.
Every visitor to the website can only vote once. Any multiple votes will be automatically excluded. The use of marketing companies and /or buying of votes is strictly forbidden. The organisation reserves the right to verify the correctness of online voting by any means.
7.2 By accepting the prize, the winners of the SILVER category surrender their Work and all rights pertaining to the same to the organisation, VAT included, as well as the right to publish the image and economic exploitation of the same, retaining the right to be recognised authors of the Work.
7.3 All artists enrolled in the awards grant explicit permission to publish online and print their presented work.
7.4 Prizes are subject, pursuant to article . 30 of the Presidential Decree 600/73, to withholding tax as tax and waiver of recourse to the FEF .


8.1 For the GOLD category, by invitation, participation in the competition is free (apart from the cost of postage of the work) ;
For the SILVER and NEW PROPOSALS categories, there will be a tax administration expense of € 60.00 ( ONLINE PAYMENT on the site) and is concluded by registration, which implies the full acceptance of these regulations .
Entrants can also participate in more creative areas and with more works by paying an extra charge of €30 for additional entry (for example, 2 creative areas € 60 + € 30 = tot. € 90 ) .
8.2 At the end of enrollment, from the period February 8 2014 to 20 days before the completion of the first step of the exhibition, under penalty of inadmissibility, the Artists must submit the documentation referred to in paragraph 8.3 via internet on the site inserting the documentation of enrollment in the ‘Participate’ section.
8.3 Entry documentation consists of a Participation Form and can be downloaded from the site in the “Join” section . This Form must be duly completed and signed and accompanied by a short text explaining the connection between the proposed project and the theme of the contest, and sent with the following attachments:
a) Pictures of Works, which will be uploaded to in jpg format ( maximum file size of 500 kb)
b ) video, which will be loaded onto wmv , mpeg , mp4 , avi, mov , flv with a maximum duration of 10 minutes and a maximum size of 30 Mb , music files in mp3 format and texts of poetry and literary arts in word format
c) Curriculum vitae of the artist , which should contain the name and any alias, address , phone number, e -mail and web address, if any, and must include an artist profile summary including education and experience in the artistic field, with a photo of the artist. ADRENALINE does not guarantee the publication of the curriculum. The documents provided cannot be returned.
8.4 With the submission of the Application Form , the Artist fully agrees to the Rules of the ADRENALINE Awards, and declares and guarantees the exclusive ownership of the Work, including the right of publication of the image and the economic exploitation of the Work; surrendering to ADRENALINE, without any time limit, the right (but not the obligation) to use and reproduce the image of the Work and /or the Registration Documentation in whole or in part, directly or through third parties, and also for economic, advertising and / or promotional and publishing of it, even partially, in any media or medium, including the website of the Competition ( ) and in any manner without the Artist opposing any limitation, whether territorial or temporal nature or exception, expressly waiving any right or claim in this regard. The Artist declares to be fully responsible for the content of visual and textual material transmitted. The Artist states to be aware that submitting an incomplete Entry that is inconsistent with this Regulation constitutes grounds for exclusion from the ADRENALINE awards; The Artist authorises the company FEF sas to keep the image of the Work and the Registration Form, acknowledging that the Work will not be returned; The Artist expressly authorizes the FEF sas to the processing of personal data in accordance with the terms stated in Article 11 of this Regulation, pursuant to the Legislative Decree no. 196 of 29 July 2003 and declares to accept all decisions of the jury, including the selection of the finalists and winners, recognizing that the same shall be final and conclusive in any location; The Artist declares to indemnify and hold ADRENALINE and FEF harmless from any claim that might be made ​​by third parties in connection with the Work and /or its reproduction , publication and / or exploitation , including economic, and declares to be aware that the Work would be excluded from the ADRENALINE awards if found to be fully or partially copied or made in violation of rights of others;


9.1 Names of all finalists will be published in the catalogue (now in its 4th edition). The catalogue will be available during the Awards event and will be distributed by the publisher, who will be chosen by ADRENALINE at its sole discretion.
9.2 The Awards ceremony, the inauguration of the exhibition and travelling exhibitions of the winning works will take place by the end of the calendar year 2014 and not earlier than 150 days of the official opening of enrollment, unless there are unforeseen events or acts of God. For the purpose of the event and the awards show, selected artists will be asked to send in their work. It is the responsibility of ADRENALINE to contact individual artists by e-mail to provide the necessary instructions for sending the Work.
9.3 All Prizes awarded must be picked up no later than 30 days from the date of the awards.


10.1 Pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30th June 2003, personal data and images that are captured under the ADRENALINE Awards are collected and processed with the help of electronic means, for the purposes and activities related to the development of the ADRENALINE Awards including the organization of exhibitions and publication on the website and in the catalogue, or for carrying out its legal obligations.
10.2 With respect to the existence and to the processing of personal data concerning them, the artists who enter the competition shall be entitled to exercise rights under Article 7 of the decree.
10.3 The holder of the data processing is the FEF sas


11.1 The rights and obligations arising from the Contest shall be governed by Italian law.
11.2 The ADRENALINE Awards are excluded from the application of the Presidential Decree October 26, 2001, n. 430 “Regulation on the revision of the rules governing competitions and trading, as well as the Local Manifestations, pursuant to Article 19, paragraph 4, of Law 27 December 1997, no. 449 “, as it is aimed at the production of works of art and the nature of awards consideration for provision of work or recognition of personal merit of the artists, or are intended to bodies or institutions of a public character or purpose that they are eminently socially beneficial or pursuant to article 6, paragraph 1, lett. a) and e) of the said D.P.. R. n. 430/2001.


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